Insert cliche post about your first blog post.

25 May

I think I finally caved and got a blog. There were parts of me that were saying “No, don’t get a blog because people always talk about how social media is bad and it will follow you for life”. The other part was saying “Yes, get a blog because even if people never read it, you’ll be able to put all of your thoughts on the inter web”.  The last part of me was telling me to do immoral and unjust things, so I decided to cave and blog it out. I’m still really not quite sure of this whole ordeal. Is this like a diary? Clearly i’m not going to put my nitty gritty information on here. Or is this more of a “hipster-awkward-teenager-stage thing?”. Either way, I like it. Call me Jenna Hamilton. Minus Matty McKibben.. Ha. Awkward. Maybe i’ll become more sophisticated and all that jazz. Do famous people have blogs? Maybe i’ll become famous, and people will pay me to blog nonsense and endless pictures of cats. Actually, I could really get used to that. Now I should invest in some hipster glasses and TOMS. That’s what comes to mind when I think of hipsters; TOMS and hipster glasses (By hipster glasses I don’t mean girls that take pictures and duck face with the caption “Nerd glasses LOLOLOLOLOL” like no. Those aren’t nerd glasses OR hipster glasses, you’re just a bimbo who popped out the lenses of a perfectly good pair of glasses that a real hipster could have been using. just no.) I wonder if other people make that face when their blogging. Squinty eyes, looks up at ceiling with deep thought and goes WOW, I feel so intellectual. Or maybe that’s just me. Well, this now ends the celebratory first blog post.


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