Gossiping and Being Judgemental Are Just Like Being Naked

17 Jun

I had the pleasure of increasing my chances of cancer (I was tanning people, tanning..like outside) today with my best friend and I had a come to Jesus moment: everyone judges everyone and it’s perfectly normal. I love her to death and she’s just about the only person I can be brutally honest with and it’s wonderful (everyone should have someone like this in their life. If not, cats my friend). But down to the nitty grittys. As a normal angsty teen I was discussing the “problems of my life” and discussing the basics: How much I hate INSERT NAME HERE, how big INSERT NAME HERE’S thighs are, how much INSERT NAME HERE needs jesus. Now most of you are thinking what a terrible person, oh wait. That’s what 16 year old girls do. Yeah, but don’t we all? Of course she did her fair share of discussing said problems and did we feel better after it? Yes. Did we regret any of it? No. The one thing we both agreed on and I really took to heart was that a large majority of girls my age swear by “I never gossip about anyone or judge anyone, nothing behind anyones back”. Lolololololololololololololololololololol. If you know a girl who has said this, please pull her aside and slap that face while you can. EVERYONE PARTAKES IN JUDGEMENT AND GOSSIP. Let’s be real people,  IT FEELS GOOD! The things that people need to learn about judgement and gossip, is that they have they same rules asbeing naked in my eyes. So let’s compare being naked and judgement/gossip.

  • Nudity should (I use should just as a precaution) be used only in private, within your four walls. If you’re one of those people who like the whole nudist lifestyle (I fully support you), then go for it but just know it could backlash. Use this same mentality with gossip and judgement. Gossip in private, within secure four walls. If you decide to go out into the world and pass judgement, prepare for the wrath of life.
  • Sexting is illegal, right? Nudity should take have no place on your cell phone. Why? Because if you wouldn’t want the whole world seeing you naked at the mercy of social networking, don’t be naked on your cellie. TALKING about being naked on your phone, that’s okay. Being naked on your phone is not. In the same respect, don’t gossip or say something that you wouldn’t want to end up in a mass text or on the twitter. That actually could end up illegal; Cyber-bulllying, yo.
  • Now without trying to get too explicit here, watch who you get naked with. There are some people who are extrememly comfortable walking around the house naked with guests (so i’ve heard) and that can be bad. Not everyone wants to see you naked. It doesn’t matter if Kate Upton (okay, yes it does. that matters), not everyone wants to see you naked. In the same respect, not everyone wants to hear you gossip. Quite frankly, it can get super annoying. As well, no one likes to be around judgemental people all of the time. People don’t wanna see you naked all the time, people don’t wanna hear you gossip.
  • On the flip side, there can never be too much nakedness if used right. It’s healthy and freeing. Everyone knows or should know that feeling of just chillin after a long day on your couch naked. Chilling on the front porch naked is just too much, couch? Not so much. You can chill on your couch as much as you want, too. So, gossip and judgement is healthy and it let’s you blow off steam and anger. If it’s used right it can be extrememly helpful. Being naked can help you in plenty of ways. Use both in moderation, but don’t be afraid to indulge.

So, if you know someone who keeps swearing by the fact that they don’t judge or gossip, look them straight in the eyes and ask them…Are you ever naked? Were you born clothed? Do you shower fully clothed? No. We were born to be naked and we need to be naked at some point in our daily life. We were born to gossip and judge and we do so each and every day.

So get out there and get naked!


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