If College Fails, I Have a Back-Up

30 Sep

I’m having too much of a writers block lately to write a lengthy post, so I organized my thoughts in a much more angsty form. Enjoy.

Why Prostitution is My Back-Up Plan

I’ve been working since I was 4.

Batting the eyelashes I don’t have and slidding down the pole

on the swingset.

I grew up and found babysitting jobs,

learning how to have sex

tuplets eat at the same time without choking.

Later, I went to school and learned how to use meth

ods of the scientific nature.

We never use it, fyi.

The teachers all say to plan for your future,

i’d rather go and eat dick

ies barbeque, man that stuff is good.

College is coming soon,

you know what that means?

Twenty-Four-Seven Nude

heels, for college speech.

If all of this doesn’t work,

I’ve found a back-up plan.

It already harnesses all the skills I’ve been learning in life,

flexible schedule, too.

Doesn’t require much college,

(I think).

I found my back-up plan.

“YOLO, as long as it’s treatable with antibiotics”


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