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Pedophiles, This Post is For You

3 Feb

If you clicked on this, I’m ashamed. Very ashamed. Shame. But on a more serious note, this post is going to be very short.

I was recently clicking through my stats and notifications on the ol’ blog here and I came across all of my search engine hits. Whoa is all I can say. Whoa.

(Search engine hits means that when people type certain things into the google, they can find my blog. So people type in some strange shit and find my blog)

Blog Picture 3 Blown UpBlog Picture 2 Blown up

Now you are going to have to zoom into the pictures but let me tell you…they are worth it.

Happy Monday, you icky peasants.


The Ol’ Blog Got It’s First Hate-Comment

2 Nov

There comes a moment when the virtual cherry is popped and the ol’ blog receives its first spam/hate/funny comment. To those of you who actually read the ol’ blog and follow my journey through this teen angst stage thing, I appreciate you more than you know! If you ever feel like leaving a comment, concern or question, feel free! As a writer (or whatever the hell this is) I’m ALWAYS open to criticism, may it be constructive or you just feel like being a giant hemorrhoid and leaving me hate-mail. Different strokes for different folks, but comments are always welcome.

First, might I just say that if you are going to leave me said hate mail, nothing is more gut-wrenching and impactful than improper spelling. I just live for those moments when I get a nasty text message that says:

“Omg gurl yew such a nasty azz ho. Just stahp”.

Sad to say that I have actually received said message and I must say that I was, quite frankly, shaking in my “nasty azz ho” crocs. So please, before you decide to drop a deuce of a comment, please spellcheck. It’s much more meaningful.

Second, might I just add that ellipses are much more effective when placed in the right spot… right… it isn’t effective… if you add them in… wherever… do you get my… point?

Here is the main event of the whole post here: I recently received a gloriously uplifting  comment on my recent post, and due to the fact that I am overjoyed that it is my first ever hate-comment, I thought i’d be a dear and share it with you. Before I share it, I must provide a bit of a backstory. Over the past year or so, I have had a rather creepy man in his 30 something years finding me on every social media platform out there. First, I noticed him on my instagram and he went through and commented on all of my photos that were a little more provocative than others. I kept him unblocked for awhile but after it go uncalled for, I blocked him. Not long after that, I gained a new follower on twitter and soon after that I protected the account. I recently when on to check my blog and i found this comment by the same domain name as all of his other platforms. Needless to say, I blocked him on everything I could an did some “stalking” of my own and found him on facebook.

You can find the comment on my post, “Wrecking Ball or Wrecking Balls?”, if you’d like to see it in real time action. Below is the comment and my response after I found the young man on facebook. All names are left out.

“Girl you need to start enjoying life more and quit your whining… Teen angst? Sounds more like you’re fucking going through menopauze. You’re hurt and mad… We get it.. Smoke a blunt and move on.”

That was the comment and this was the response:


I am here to inform you that if you do not refrain from finding me and spamming with lewd and vulgar behavior on every social media platform available, I will be contacting the authorities. I find it highly inappropriate that a grown man is seeking out a 17 year old young lady and provoking absolutely disgusting behavior. I have your twitter, instagram and facebook all written down and if I need to, it will not be that hard to track down an address and a phone number, due to the fact you keep much of your information open. On the note of your comment on my blog, I do appreciate the advice. My intent of blogging is to write my thoughts and feelings and if anyone cares to read them, they can. My intent of blogging is not to gain the popularity and approval of others. Since you seem to be a frequent watcher of my personal life, I am not going through “Menopauze” (It is spelled menopause actually) due to the fact that my uterus and ovaries are still intact and I menstruate on a monthly basis. I do appreciate the advice on “smoking a blunt and moving on”, but I would much rather be a productive member of society and focus on my job, my studies and blogging about my personal life and menstruation cycle.

Again, please do not take this friendly message lightly and I hope you begin to realize that stalking is a very serious matter that I do NOT take lightly. I do not think our legal system takes it lightly, either, being that I am still a minor and you are very clearly not. I have done some “stalking” of my own and I have come to the conclusion that instead of worrying about my personal life, you should focus on your family and child-to-be.

I will be praying for you in the hopes that HE can help guide you down the right path.


Bella Schaefer

In the spirit of the blog, I will leave you with a homemade quote.

“Menopause has the word men in it for a reason”

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