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I Used to Bleed Beautiful Colors

19 Mar

I used to bleed beautiful colors;

colors that  bled a beautiful red and healed a beautiful bronze scab,

eventually leaving a beige trace of a wound.

I used to bleed the most beautiful words;

wonderful soliloquies, sonets, sounds.

It’s strange because I bled beautiful colors;

beautiful blurs, beautiful bruises, beautiful blood.

I used to bleed beautiful thoughts;

images of beautiful people, places, thoughts.

I used to bleed beautiful blood;

full of living, laughing, loving.

I used to bleed the most beautiful blood;

Free of toxic waste, tainted thoughts, trickles of immortality.

I used to bleed the most beautiful opportunities;

endless horizons.

I now bleed black blood;

blistered hands, dripping wounds, bloodshot eyes.

I now bleed black blood;

cloudy thoughts, panicked sounds,

ugly images of myself flashing in the mirror.

I now bleed black blood

that pumps through my heart like a plague.

Ring around the rosey,

my sanity fell out in a patch of poseys.

I used to bleed beautiful blood.

Beautiful blood turned bleak blood,

turned black blood.


Consolation Blog Post

21 Jan


My name is Bella, I’ve been addicted to living for 17 years.

Instead of writing a real post, I’m going to use fancy formatting and clever literary tools to





into thinking I’m actually writing something of substance.

I’m fluent in jumble, testing my mumble and dabbling in being humble,

Which is really weird because I’m trying to rhyme and I’m not sure if I just made words right there? The feels.

I can’t tell if I’m constipated or if I’ve got emotional back up. I’ll keep you all posted if it turns into the runs.


I don’t do that. Ever.

Sometimes I think I should run for fun but then I remember that run rhymes with gun and since I’m trying this rhyming thing,

I shall stay away from the word “run”.

The only time I shall “run” is when I do this “run” from life.

I’m envisioning a sunset and sand,

awkward tourists and binoculars,

Nudist beach, question mark?

If I had a choice of vacation it would be to a nudist beach.

Is that wrong? No. No it’s not.

No no no never run from life.

Look at life, listen to life, learn from life.

Well, no nudist beach for this ninny.

What rhymes with nudist?



No, stahp.

I said Jewish in a conversation once, yeah

a kid told me I was being racist and I was like, uh

no, pretty sure the word “Jewish” isn’t racist.

Context in which Jewish is used can equal racist

People make words racist, sexist, you name it

words can be it.

Don’t hate the words, hate the person who is dumb enough to make people hate the words

What’s a word anyways?

Let’s get thoughtful here: a word is simply an inkblot waiting to be read.

The ink is a butterfly to one and a zip tie to another; one floats away and one chokes.

One word floats, one word chokes.

Words are so ugh

Words make life basically

Words are on socks and underwear and tampon boxes and M&M’s

Gross, words are on tampons and my food?

Officially turned off of food, Thanks Obama.

If you take any notes on my words, read them like an inkblot

Look at the words, cross your eyes and read them so slow you grow algae.

Words are open to interpret

Interpret carefully.

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