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I could be doing work but…I chose to blog instead

28 May

People ask me “are you like, actually smart?” and I usually reply with “Yes, I should actually be in MENSA”. Just kidding. Clearly if I was supposed to be in MENSA, I would’t be sitting in the middle of my media center blogging on what looks to be a two year old’s domain, balloons filling up the entire baby blue page. But they ask me if i’m smart because I “Blog”. C’mon people, this is my fourth post and now there’s some stigma attached to this damn thing that makes me intellectual? To write is not to be “smart”, just as skinny is not to be model. Writing takes passion, not brain cells. Sure, good grammar and correct spelling/punctuation is pretty swell, but you don’t have to use a lot of thought when writing. The cool thing about writing is that it doesn’t have to even have to be for scholarly purposes. Facebook statuses, that’s writing. Ladies, if you have diary’s and journals, that’s writing. All you hoodlums writing on the bathroom stalls, that’s writing (Well, I wouldn’t consider “slut” scraped into the edge of the toilet paper dispenser very passionate but hey, whatever sinks the ship).  The main point is, people have a pre-concieved notion that if one writes, you are automatically some intellectual brain who spends their time nose down in websters looking for “big words”. I don’t write to look smart or to gain attention, I write to release passion. I would say for most kids in my generation, writing would be the safest place to “release passion” (Insert your own innuendo there). I don’t know the moment that I ultimately defined myself as a writer either. Is there some sort of brand? A logo I should tattoo on an obscure part of my body? (I all of the sudden have the image plastered in my head of “WRITER” tattoo’d behind my left knee). Well, whenever I decided. I like it.

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